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It’s Time to Ship Your Gifts

Get your packages to Santa’s sleigh with these simple steps.

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Before You Ship

Here’s an overview of everything you need to know to help you deliver cheer with the USPS Operation Santa program.

  • Step 1 Prep Your Presents

    Wrap and pack your gift according to our shipping guidelines.

  • Step 2 Plan for Postage

    See tips to help prepare and pay for your packages.

  • Step 3 Find a Post Office

    Head to a location near you by December 18 to help your gift arrive for the holiday.

Top Packing and Shipping FAQsSee All FAQs

Can I include a personal note for the recipient?

We recommend you use the Note from Santa found in your instructions packet. It explains the program to parents and where your gift came from. You can write a note of your own as well, just please remember to sign it from Santa to keep it anonymous — and to keep the magic alive!

Is there a size or weight limit for shipping?

Packages must be under 70 pounds and have a maximum combined length and girth of 108 inches (girth is the distance around the thickest part of the package). If you are worried about the weight or size of your package, consider shipping in multiple boxes. No more than six boxes will be accepted per individual adoption or a total of 12 boxes per family adoption. Read our Shipping Guidelines for more information.

Do I have to pay for postage? How much will it cost?

Participation in the USPS Operation Santa® program requires adopters pay for shipping. Read our Shipping Guidelines for more information on postage costs.

When is the last day to ship a package?

If you want the gift to arrive before Christmas, we recommend shipping it from a participating Post Office™ location by December 18. The final day for all 2023 USPS Operation Santa® packages to be shipped is January 10, 2024.  

How many packages can I send per adoption?

You can send up to six packages per individual adoption, and 12 packages per family adoption. Please note that you’ll have to pay for postage for every package.

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How to Save on Shipping Costs

Be mindful of size, weight and distance.

Smaller, lighter packages shipped in-state or to an adjacent state will be less expensive to ship.

Use Priority Mail Flat Rate® boxes.

Free at your local Post Office location, these ship for a set rate, no matter their weight or destination.

Consider a gift card instead of larger items.

You’ll just need a Priority Mail® envelope at least 4” x 6” to fit an official shipping label.

Find a Participating Post Office Location

Get the address, hours and directions to the Post Office that’s closest to you.